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Apple Fritter Light

Filled with real bits of apple and flavored with delicious glaze and cinnamon.

Chocolate Bar

Raised bar yeast donut with chocolate icing guaranteed to make any chocolate lover's day!

Maple Bar

Raised bar yeast donut topped with a sweet maple glaze. Did someone say coffee?

Bear Claw

Filled with cinnamon sugar goodness and glazed to perfection. Our bear claw is soft and crunchy.

Blueberry Donut

Sweet & crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Made with real blueberries and lightly glazed.

Chocolate Glazed w/Sprinkles

Soft glazed donut with rich chocolate icing. Dunked in colored sprinkles for good measure.

Chocolate Glazed

Soft and classic glazed donut with rich chocolate frosting. Get your chocolate fix here!

Chocolate Glazed w/Sprinkles RWB

Soft glazed donut with thick vanilla icing. Dunked in red, white and blue sprinkles.

Glazed Two

Two of our freshest and softest glazed donuts. Best combined with hot coffee or cold milk.

Maple Glazed

Classic raised donut with a light glaze and sweet maple frosting.

Glazed & Glazed Chocolate w/Sprinkles

Vanilla and chocolate! Combine both of our popular glazed donuts into one order.

Whipped Cream Filled

Soft pillowy donuts filled with sweet and light whipped cream. Goes well with rich or dark coffee.

Glazed French Cruller w/Chocolate

Homemade pastry with a light, airy texture and covered in decadent chocolate icing.

Glazed French Cruller

Homemade pastry with a light, airy texture and covered in a sweet glaze.

Glazed French Cruller w/Orange

Homemade pastry with a light, airy texture and covered with sweet orange icing.

Glazed Cinammon Roll

Doughy goodness wrapped in cinnamon and brown sugar with a sweet glaze.

Old Fashioned Glazed

Soft and cakey with a little crunch from the sweet glaze. Some things never go out of style.

Old Fashioned Maple

Fried outer ring with soft and cakey texture. Maple glaze adds texture and crunch.

Old Fashioned Plain

Fried donut with a crunchy exterior and a pillowy soft inside. Pairs well with coffee.

Glazed Twist

Soft and crunchy, made fresh every day and hand twisted to perfection with a sweet glaze.

Sugar Twist

Soft and crunchy, hand twisted donut covered with sweet cinnamon sugar.